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Questions tagged [hair]

Questions related to hair, that fine, cyindrical, pigmented, keratinized filament growing out of a mammal's skin. Please use this tag for function of hair, hair color, hair loss, no hair (alopecia or baldness), too much hair (hirsuitism), or with diseases associated somehow with hair.

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Shampoos that are supposed to help hair grow - how long should they be left in before rinsing?

Some shampoos contain ingredients such as Biotin with the expectation that it will promote hair growth. Presumably the ingredient is in a format that can be taken up by the skin (or the hair follicles)...
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How does tacrolimus affect vitiligo-affected skin and hair (re)pigmentation?

While tacrolimus (Protopic) creme was not created with the purpose to treat vitiligo, it is prescribed by dermatologists for that purpose and studied as such, like in this study. The non-pigmented ...
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hair repigmentation and growth from secukinumab

I saw this study(link) about a patient who received a drug called secukinumab and experienced hair re-pigmentation from white to black and hair re-growth and as you can see the results are pretty ...
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Why do my hair and scalp feel greasy and itchy until I shower?

I've recently noticed that I have dry, itchy skin - particularly on my shins and ankles - and I think this may be caused by the warm-to-hot 10 minute showers I have every morning. The problem is that ...
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Estrogen level after sex

Estrogen levels ought to elevate after having sex in women and thus improve skin and hair quality. I do not find the scientific proof for this statement. Who can help?
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What is the risk of meningitis after nasal hair plucking?

I heard board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) refer to a Nasolabial triangle as the "triangle of danger" on one of her tv show episodes. Re-reading the ...
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Perfect Solution For Skin and Hair

i am planing to make routine that help to improve hair and skin health . I have Aleo Vera , curd , Fenugreek Seeds , Egg etc . And i hear that all these are very good for hair and skin . Now what my ...
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What's the Right Amount of Conditioner to Use for Thick, Male Hair?

I tend to use almost a handful, but I don't know if that's dumb. I don't have long hair, either. On the top, I cut to 8 or 7, usually, and that's the longest I have it.
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5mg tablet (finasteride) and 2mg finasteride tablet

i am taking finasteride 1mg table, but these days, 1mg table not available. So i am taking 5mg tablet and make it half and taking it. So is that okay ?
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Is one nit enough to produce a new generation of head lice?

The website below claims that one nit is sufficient to produce a new generation of head lice. Liceguard Link Regardless of which treatment you apply, it is recommendable to remove all (or as many ...
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Homemade shampoo make my scalp too dry?

I've tried to make DIY shampoo but it dries my scalp too much(not dandruff). My combo: 1 tsp almond oil 1 tsp virgin coconut oil 1 tsp raw honey 1 tsp vegetable glycerine a few drops of vitamin E 10 ...
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Are there ways to prevent or slow down the development of white hair?

I am caucasian man. I am 32 years old. In the last times, a lot of white hairs have appeared in my head. I know this is not a serious health problem, but it makes me feeling older than actual I am. I ...
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Does paste of Licorice root, Burdock root and Dandelion root reverses Hairfall?

I am suffering from hair fall from last five year. Whenever i comb my hair hard, small pieces of deal cell start falling from scalp. I tried PRP(Plasma riched platelates) and Minoxidill 5% but that ...
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