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Questions tagged [hair]

Questions related to hair, that fine, cyindrical, pigmented, keratinized filament growing out of a mammal's skin. Please use this tag for function of hair, hair color, hair loss, no hair (alopecia or baldness), too much hair (hirsuitism), or with diseases associated somehow with hair.

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3 votes
1 answer

What is the mechanism of action of Alphosol dandruff treatment?

For around two years I have been using Alphosol 2 in 1, which is a coal tar extract based shampoo, to treat my dandruff which I believe is caused mostly by my Psoriasis. Each application would leave ...
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3 votes
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How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal and is there an increased risk for inhaling harmful substances?

I've noticed that some barbers practice some nasal hair removal methods. One method they use involves applying a type of "warm wax" connected to a stick, in the nose, cooling it and when the wax is ...
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hair repigmentation and growth from secukinumab

I saw this study(link) about a patient who received a drug called secukinumab and experienced hair re-pigmentation from white to black and hair re-growth and as you can see the results are pretty ...
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