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If apply regular warm compress unto my scalp, will it mimic the use of topical vasodilators?

My hair is somewhat diminishing in volume and my hairline has regressed a little. I am still at age 25 though, but I'm not severely going bald. My friends have this issue too, so I suppose this is ...
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Laser treatment & beard

Will my beard grow if I do a laser treatment for acne scar ? If no, which solutions should I consider if I want to have a beard and no acne scar?
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What are the differences between blackheads and whiteheads? Different oils? Or different outcome?

What are the differences between blackheads and or whiteheads? Are different types of oils (sebaceous) involved? Or are they irritated by different things? Or does one become a pimple? And the other ...
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What is the function of goosebumps in human anatomy? It happens when it's cold, scary, or euphoric, but WHY?

We've all experienced it when we hear a chilling tale that scares us or we get out of the pool and there is a crisp breeze or simply something unbelievably emotionally positive is occurring (a sense ...
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