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Zinc, weight loss and testosterone [closed]

What would be the effect of adding zinc rich diet on a teenager's testosterone levels who is already at the low end? Minimum and maximum increase in the levels? Also, is it necessary to add the zinc ...
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Male hypogonadism and late bloomers [closed]

Are the teenagers diagnosed with male hypogonadism referred to as 'late bloomers'? For example, a 17M with not fully developed genitals and height of 5'6" and paternal height 5'8" and 5'0". Is he ...
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Hormone Definitions and Measurements [closed]

How are human hormones defined in the body and how are they measured? I understand that blood tests can be used to measure the amount of a hormone in the body, but how do we know which hormone ...
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Possible side effects of deer antler velvet [closed]

My doctor suggested I try deer antler velvet. But I am not sure about it. Does deer antler velvet have any side effects? Does it help growth? Are there any scientific studies about it?
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is there any succesful way to grow taller after age of seventeen

I'm seventeen years old both my parents are short. is there any way for me to grow taller. i mocked by most of people because of height.anyone plz tell me succesful way to grow taller
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Do growth hormone intakes help heal a tendinopathy?

I wonder whether growth hormone intakes (e.g., through injections) help heal a tendinopathy. What I have found so far is limited and somewhat contradictory: (1) shows some positive results but has ...
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Is there any risk from eating meals before/after HGH shots?

I'm undergoing HGH therapy, and I see a lot of conflicting information on the internet another whether or not it's truly bad to eat meals after/before the shots -- supposedly, it can increase the risk ...
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How can I increase my height? [duplicate]

I am 19 years old, around 1.62 meters tall and a weight of 55 kilograms, and I want to increase my height. Is it possible to do it at my age? If so, can I have a specific diet or use growth hormones?
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How to increase body height?

I am an adult, and I want to be taller. I know about many medicines which claim to treat stunted height. Is there any truth behind these?
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