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How to explain the theory of the influence of purine and alcohol on the incidence of risk for gout in light of contradictory evidence?

A common thought is that dietary restrictions are recommended for people susceptible to gout. These restrictions often focus on fructose, purines and alcohol: if a food or beverage is 'high' in these,...
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Will gout finally make patella thinner and thinner if uric acid level has kept being high for long periods?

My uric acid level has been high and hasn't been able to return back to below normal point for several years. Since two years ago, my knees have been suffering a lot, which makes me limp. MRI shows ...
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Suffering from Gout problem need help? [closed]

I am 17 years old teenager, recently my joint at ankles got swollen, I thought its normal but next day I was unable to walk due pain in joint. So we wentt to Doctor using mine blood reports and in ...
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When to take a blood test after a gout attack

Gout is caused by an elevated level of uric acid in the blood, which results in crystals forming in the joints. Once this reaches a critical level, the body responds by targeting the crystals, ...
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