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Fructose question [closed]

See video: Why Fructose causes insulin resistance I'm confused. He mentioned fructose can turn into glucose. So, does it matter whether I eat fruits, if it can turn into glucose, which can be ...
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Reheated pasta GI difference

I've read a couple of things claiming that allowing your pasta to cool and then reheating it significantly changes its glycemic index resulting in a much lower blood sugar spike after eating. This ...
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How come corn and cornflakes (which are 98%+ corn) have a drastically different glycemic index rating?

For example, this table says corn has a GI of 55 whereas corn flakes are rated at 92! How can these ratings be so different when regular, unsweetened corn flakes are composed of 98%+ corn (according ...
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Does soaked oats lower glycemic index (GI) and does it chemically/biologically count as cooked?

what's the best way to prepare or cook oats for the benefits? does soaking oats have any benefits such as lowering GI? does cooking oats have more benefits? how long do you need to microwave oats to ...
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Is sugar in beverages worse than sugar in solid food (i.e. candy, chocolate) with respect to diabetes type 2

Most studies which find a link between sugar intake and risk of type 2 diabetes focus on sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) intake, presumably because SSB's allow for a high sugar intake without feeling ...
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Pre diabetic after fasting blood work?

So I have been feeling very lethargic the past year and went in to get some blood work. I fasted for 12 hours prior to test, with the exception of mint that I had that morning hour before test that ...
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