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How to determine the chances of inheriting an autosomal recessive disease if the carrier status of parents is unknown?

My question is about determining the carrier chances of an autosomal recessive disease without actually testing for it and to validate my understanding about autosomal recessive disorders. In order to ...
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Why do doctors ask for your race?

Things like gender and age and height and weight make perfect sense to me, but I don't really see why most doctors ask for your race. Is there a medical reason behind this or is it just for ...
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Result of Inclusion-cells in the I-cell disease

What happens to the cells once the body doesn't have the lysosomal enzymes to degrade lipids and such. Inclusion bodies appear, but how do they provoke so many symptoms like hepatomegaly motoric delay ...
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What are the genetic predispositions, if any, for covid-19?

What are the genetic predispositions, if any, for covid-19? For example,
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Pedigree disease risk calculation IRL - how difficult/expensive?

The probability of a child being affected by genetic diseases like Spinal muscular atrophy or Canavan disease (and many other) depends solely on the parents being carriers of such disease. Suppose ...
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What is the difference of a physician specializing in cytology and a physician specializing in medical genetics?

Is cell biology much broader than just genetics or am I conjecturing nonsense? Who is the specialist in the molecular biology of cancer? I am a cancer patient since 16, a medical student aiming for ...
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23andMe DNA Test is reliable?

Does the 23andMe DNA Test is reliable and worth to get ? Or there is nothing like the actual physical dna tests at laboratories. Does 23andMe DNA Test provide the exact information provided by ...
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Is Klippel Feil Syndrome hereditary? Recessive/Dominant? Liklihood of passing it to offspring?

I assume Klippel Feil Syndrome (KFS) is genetic/hereditary because my sister and I both have it, and it's a rare disease. But if I'm wrong, please do correct me. Is KFS genetic-hereditary? My ...
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Preventing diabetes mellitus

I am 16 year old boy. My father as well as my relatives have diabetes mellitus. If i start going to gym, get into some body building and maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on, can i prevent it?
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Nature vs. Nurture: Is there any truth behind an ethnicity being predisposed to alcoholism? Is it really in my ancestral genes?

My maternal grandfather was 50% Cherokee, and struggled his entire life with alcoholism, and died from the liver damage he had done from the excessive alcohol consumption. His son, my maternal uncle, ...
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