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the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the stomach and intestines.

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Can GERD be caused by too little stomach acid?

Ever since the book, Why Stomach Acid is Good For You, I've wondered if it is true that GERD can be caused by too little, not too much, stomach acid. Is it possible that too little stomach acid can ...
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How does removal of the gallbladder affect life expectancy?

Is the gallbladder really just a rudimental organ? If I undergo cholecystectomy, will my life expectancy be shorter than normal because of that?
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What are effective lifestyle modifications for people with gastric acid reflux?

As many as 7% of Americans suffer from heartburn every day, and many more suffer it at least weekly. In the "old days", people with heartburn were advised to eat smaller meals, drink less alcohol, ...
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Can ulcer pain be distinguished from gallstone pain?

When referred to a gastroenterologist for intermittent pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen (slightly under the rib cage), my friend was told that she probably had an ulcer and the doctor ...
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Methods for dealing with gas pains?

The Internet is full of advice on how to prevent flatulence (e.g. diet changes), but no serious tips on how to get rid of gas once it's set in. Gas trapped in the colon can cause significant pain. ...
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How to increase my gut bacteria? Are there any drugs available? [closed]

My digestive system does not properly digest the food I eat. I searched the Internet and found out that a lack of gut bacteria can cause this kind of problem. How can gut bacteria be increased? Are ...
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How does water intake with meals influence digestion? [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out how water intake during meals effects digestion. Particularly, what volumes of water would inhibit digestion versus benefit digestion. Additionally, if water benefits the ...
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Can a person eliminate lactose intolerance through extended exposure?

It sounds dangerous, or at least uncomfortable, but I have a friend who thinks drinking milk daily will help cure him of lactose intolerance. Are there any studies that indicate that prolonged ...
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Does fried food cause gastritis and other gastrointestinal tract illnesses?

And why exactly fried food is bad for heath? Simply because of the crust scratching the stomach?
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