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Questions tagged [gallbladder]

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Can an upper endoscopy spot gallbladder problems?

Something of a followup to a previous question I asked: Is an upper endoscopy (esophagogastroduodenoscopy or EGD) able to spot gallbladder problems? I have not really found a consistent answer in a ...
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Best way to preserve gall stones outside of body

I’ve got a few gall stones in a jar and I’d like to keep them on display so people can see what they look like. Is there an appropriate solution for keeping them in? I imagine if they were floating ...
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Squirting noise while sleeping and other non-reproducible times?

I notice about once a week or so I hear a "squirting" sound somewhere within my body. It is fairly loud and is enough to wake me while I am sleeping during early morning. I've not found a real ...
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