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Cartilage deterioration in patient's after ACL reconstruction in contralateral knee

From literature, about 50% of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction patient's are predisposed to osteoarthritis (OA) later in life due to cartilage deterioration and cartilage damage from ...
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What are long term complications of mild to moderate leg length discrepancy?

A leg-length discrepancy (from femur fracture or any other etiology) obviously causes an imbalance in gait, and therefore the entire kinetic chain. This often happens at a young age and therefore ...
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What are the gait related involuntary muscular diseases?

Pathology that affects gait (manner of walking) is largely associated with disorders that affect the voluntary muscles (skeletal muscle), e.g., fibromyalgia and Trendelenburg's sign. Are there any ...
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can walking practice really cure people who walk pigeon toed?

and is this true in all cases? cause i have been pigeon toed all my life, and lately people have started commenting on it so much that it's starting to bother me. About 10 years ago when i was in high ...
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Are football (soccer) players more likely to have bow legs (genu varum)? What can be done to alleviate it if that's the case

I play association football since a very young age. Now I notice that when I stand my knees don't really touch each other, which seems to be a typical symptom of bow legs (Genu Varum). Also, I'm a ...
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