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What part of the auditory system restricts the human hearing frequency range?

It is well known that the human hearing frequency range is always between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. My question is: what part of the auditory system does this restriction? I studied the basics of auditory ...
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Do the frequencies inherent in tinnitus have any side effects?

I've heard that certain frequencies naturally have some autonomic effects in some people. I've also heard that tinnitus sometimes falls into that range. I can't really find much information on these ...
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What is the effect of sound frequency on hearing?

We all know that humans can tolerate lower frequencies at high volumes better than higher frequencies. In fact, for particularly low frequencies, high SPL is needed just for it to be audible. What’s ...
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Is there any harm in taking a melatonin supplement every night?

I noticed that a bottle of melatonin supplement is labelled "For Occasional Sleeplessness". The use of the word "Occasional" surprised me. Is there any harm in an adult taking a melatonin supplement ...
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Do drop attacks reoccur?

I'm doing some research on drop attacks, specifically for those causes mentioned on I would like to get an idea of the frequency for drop attacks ...
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