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What pathway triggers loss of appetite resulting from vomiting/nausea?

Some anorexic/bulimic people purposely induce auto vomiting which results in significant periods of no appetite, no food craving, and no hunger. There obviously is a purposeful mechanism in autonomy ...
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Rodents falling from the ceiling at Chipotle restaurants, what to do?

Assume that rodents (i.e. rats) steal part of your food and there is a norovirus outbreak. With respect to norovirus, I think there is not much I can do to "prevent" myself from catching the illness; ...
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Can carbonated water produce addiction in humans?

Recently I have been quite heavily drinking beer, and noticed a strange effect: apparently an addiction developed but not to alcohol but to CO2. Basically, now I cannot satisfy my thristyness with ...
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Does pain lower resistance to addiction?

For a little background, I'm known by everyone in my circle of family/friends for being the most healthy. I eat far less than most people do and it's usually fresh vegetables and things like chicken ...
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Can food be addictive?

Is there any scientific literature investigating physical and psychological addiction to food? like e.g. sugar, refined flour, etc. Some studies, like this one talk about this subject but I'm ...
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