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Can drinking ultra-pure water be dangerous?

I work in a molecular biology laboratory, where we have a special filtration system for producing ultra-pure water for buffers, reagents, etc. Around the lab, I have heard many times what sounds to me ...
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Is the spit test for candida legitimate?

My friend sent me a test to determine if one has too much candida. I called her gullible and she got mad and sent me several other sites which amounted to the same thing, like http://www....
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Does rubbing a nettle sting with a dock leaf actually help? How?

From a young age we were taught that the treatment for a nettle sting was to rub it with a dock leaf. Conveniently, docks usually grow close to where there are nettles. Does this actually do ...
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Rheumatism as "Wind-wetness"

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), rheumatism is known as "wind-wetness". Adherents to TCM: Believe that being wet and exposed to wind greatly increases the chances that one will suffer from ...
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