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Since water is not fluoridated in some countries, is it recommended that people swallow their toothpaste? [duplicate]

In some countries, the water is not fluoridated. Since food contains very low amounts of fluoride, it may be beneficial to obtain some extra fluoride in some way. My question: is it recommended by ...
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Is there an inexpensive test (IE: perhaps a form of litmus paper?) for keeping tabs on oral pH at home?

My initial research into the effect of oral pH on health I came across an article that suggests that using fluoride products in an acidic environment has many negative effects on health and that 32% ...
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Fluoride poisoning by toothpaste

Long story short: Is there a maximum number of teeth brushing per day without having fluoride poisoning? Full story: It is certain that a high fluoride intake leads to health problems. This is ...
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Is it beneficial to keep using fluorised toothpaste after prolonged use?

As far as I understand, fluoride helps in hardening the enamel of our teeth by replacing the calcium element in hydroxyapatite to convert it in the stronger fluorapatite, like explained here. Wether ...
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What does fluoride toothpaste do to the dentin on the teeth?

I've read articles about how fluoride toothpaste is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth, and how it is beneficial to the enamel. However, I could not find articles/papers regarding the effect of ...
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Are there any risks about switching to a non-fluoride toothpaste?

Assuming I am not on any prescribed toothpaste and only toothpaste I been using are conventional toothpaste bought over the counter with fluoride. Also, assume I have a good brushing and flossing ...
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Sweet Tooth: Healthier to brush before/after eating sweets? Fluoride protection effective if used right before?

What is the optimal time-of-day (if one is to live a little and eat a sweet treat every now and then) for consuming a sugary goodie? Before or after brushing teeth? After: I assume everyone one ...
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Safe to have fluoride in water-system for cavity prevention? Bleach/whiten teeth after or before fluoride treatments?

I grew up in California. As such, I fortunately, have very healthy teeth. I didn't get my first cavity until I was 23 and living in the UK! haha. So is having fluoride in your water-systems a healthy ...
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Should we rinse with water after brushing our teeth?

I've heard that rinsing with water after teeth brushing lowers or negates the benefits that fluoride provides to our teeth, but I've also heard everything in between; from there's no problem with it, ...
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What is the relationship between fluoride and IQ?

Have there been any studies that have investigated the effects of ingesting fluoridated drinking (esp. in high concentrations) on the intelligence (or IQ) of humans or animals? If so, have any such ...
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