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Would collagen supplements affect C. diff?

I know that C. diff can bind to collagen (or maybe just broken down collagen?). Would a collagen supplement (specifically type 1 and 3) increase the germination in someone of C. diff in someone who’s ...
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How to sterilize the human intestine using a safe method?

I want to know how can one sterilize their intestine (both small/large) and what are the consequences.
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Interesting data from stool/poop

I'm interested in getting personal health data from unusual sources. What are some surprising things you can learn from your stool/fecal material, e.g. regarding: Gut flora Digestive health ...
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Testing intestinal flora in transverse colon

I have a theory that the transverse colon can be overpopulated with intestinal flora that, when fed sugar, overproduce CO2 and cause bloating/pain specifically in and around the hepatic flexure. Has ...
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