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Farts coming out of the mouth?

I have read in this link that farts can come out of your mouth. But I don't know how much I can trust the internet, and I am no expert in medicine or human health whatsoever. Is this true? And if so, ...
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Why does gas cause pain?

If I have gas in my intestines, why does it hurt? The mayo clinic has a lot of words, that describe the how and why you get gas. Anything that causes intestinal gas or is associated with ...
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Can flatulence be a cause of sleeplessness?

Traditional knowledge about heath in my country is guided by Ayurveda and according to it sleeplessness can be a symptom of flatulence. I wonder if a connection between flatulence and sleeplessness ...
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What is "lax cardia"? [closed]

My upper GI endoscopy report impression says: lax cardia, grade a relux oesophagitis, erosive gastritis. What is "lax cardia"? My symptoms: abdomen pain around belly button, weight loss, belching etc....
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Do you really get better at digesting beans?

When you eat beans you tend to have stinky flatulence because of the long carbohydrates combined with protein. But I heard that the more beans you eat, the more your digestive track will accommodate ...
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Is flatulence/gas comprised of methane? Is it flammable? What about burps/belching?

Recently, I read that in a surgery, flatulence (and its methane qualities) emitted by the patient was the culprit for a fire igniting when it came in contact with the surgical laser. http://www....
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gas/upset stomach from red meat?

So this wasn't formerly a problem for me until quite recently. I've noticed that generally deli meat (roast beef or pastrami) is the typical culprit that does this to me. Symptoms include: foul ...
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Methods for dealing with gas pains?

The Internet is full of advice on how to prevent flatulence (e.g. diet changes), but no serious tips on how to get rid of gas once it's set in. Gas trapped in the colon can cause significant pain. ...
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What are the health detriments to holding in a fart if any?

Does the temporary build-up of air cause any damage, short or long term, or health concerns? I've heard from relatives that excessive holding-in can damage the intestines, but I'm not sure if that's ...
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