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Why are my nails not symmetric (shorter on left hand)?

Some time ago, I noticed that my nails on the left hand look "shorter" than those on the right hand: there seems to be more skin on the "lower" part of the finger nails on the left ...
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Fifth ray amputation/resection - what does rehabilitation look like?

I'm doing a bit of research for a story. A character loses their little finger including the metacarpal bone, so the left edge of the palm of the hand goes too. The wound is "healed" with ...
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Erysipelas vs cellulitis vs paronychia

According to Wikipedia: "Erysipelas is a relatively common bacterial infection of the superficial layer of the skin."(1) "Cellulitis is a bacterial infection involving the inner layers ...
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Why can't you wash an amputated finger

While taking first-aid classes I realized that you cannot wash an amputated finger. Does anyone know why is that? Will it induce more damages? And why should we rinse a knocked-out tooth then?
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Consistency of fingerprint after an injury

If the skin is completely abraised or otherwise removed, will the renewed skin have the same fingerprint? About 8 years back, I was running an obstacle course and one of the obstacles was to climb up ...
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Management of nail biting

Nail biting is very common, being the most common of the typical "nervous habits." According to a Medscape article, Nail biting (onychophagia) is an oral parafunctional habit—the use of the mouth ...
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Is there a name for wrinkling and skin peeling on a single fingertip? [closed]

Is there a name for chronic, painless wrinkling that progresses to peeling (without any blistering) in one single location? I am curious if this is a known condition, as I would like to learn more ...
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Left pinky finger pain due to typing [closed]

I am facing some issues with the left pinky finger which i use mostly in typing. I learned touch typing a couple of years back and i believe the finger positioning is correct. Do i need to see a ...
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Weakness in a finger (pianist)

I'm a professional pianist and have been playing for eight years now. I recently noticed a problem in my left hand: if we enumerate the fingers consecutively, 1 beeing the thumb, my fourth finger is ...
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White Fingernail?

Recently I have developed a purely white finger nail, my right middle to be exact. It's the only one that's white while the others are foggy clear like normal. My mom says it's calcium deficiency but ...
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Does cracking knuckles (or any other joints) lead to arthritis? Or is this a medical myth?

Growing up, my grandmother always told us kids: "Don't crack your knuckles it will lead to arthritis in your fingers." And then she would show us her arthritic fingers as "proof" of the aftermath. ...
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Are leeches still used in modern medicine (for skin-grafts, finger-grafts, etc.)?

I know in antiquity that leeches were commonly used in medicine for any and everything in a technique known as "blood-letting." But I've heard recently that leeches have a anticoagulant and blood-...
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