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Will PTFE scratched off a Teflon non-stick pan accumulate in the body or pass through the digestive tract unaltered?

I believe to have seen conflicting information regarding the question of whether cooking with PTFE coated kitchenware can be unhealthy. For the purpose of this question, let's assume the pan is not ...
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How many days does it take for a frenuloplasty on the penis to heal?

Wikipedia says: Under normal circumstances the incision heals completely in around six to eight weeks, after which time normal sexual activity can resume. Here pdf from Daycase UK says: You can get ...
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How do abortions affect fertility?

According to the Louisiana Department of Health: Complications associated with an abortion or having many abortions may make it difficult to have children. But it doesn't say exactly how risky it is....
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Is the ultimate cause of failure to conceive generally early miscarriage?

Mechanical issues aside, the process of human reproduction involves a very large number of sperm meeting an egg. It would seem then that given conception can either fail before, during, or after the ...
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Is there a reason to be anxious about claim that COVID-19 vaccine could turn out to be inducing infertility in females?

There is a petition written on December 1, 2020 to European Medicines Agency (EMA) by Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon. You can see it here. Both of them are well known for spreading ...
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Is it preferable to wash sperms before or after freezing?

Is it preferable to wash sperms before or after freezing? (purpose of freezing: to be used sometime in the future for insemination, undecided yet when and via which insemination method) https://doi....
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Research on reasons how vasectomy fails

Commonly referred number is that in 1:1000 cases of vasectomy pregnancy can still happen (with same partner). How many such cases have been really studied so far where a pregnancy took place after ...
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Are there reasons why fertility awareness methods of family planning are not widely promoted? [closed]

Based on quite a bit of research into this area it seems that 'fertility awareness methods' can be very effective if not on par with many other popular contraceptive methods: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih....
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Does daily intake of hibiscus juice increases the risk of impotence in a male?

After reading Mahmoud's article (2012) I started wondering... Does daily intake of hibiscus juice increase the risk of impotence in a human male? If so, what levels of hibiscus is beneficial and what ...
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Will maximizing my ejaculation load help to increase my chances of becoming a father?

Does a bigger load of ejaculation lead to a better chance of getting my wife pregnant?
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Can sperm fertilize an egg before reaching full maturity?

There seems to be many couples out there that have intercourse frequently and yet still manage to have a child. However, I found a number of articles that describe sperm maturity as taking at least ...
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What are the health concerns with using a laptop on your lap?

I've always wondered why people say I should not put my laptop my lap while using it without telling me why, until I found out that it leads to male infertility and skin discoloration. Are there any ...
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Is biking linked to erection- or fertility problems?

Is there any proven link between biking a lot and erection problems? Fertility problems?
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Are women the most fertile right after puberty

The title basically sums up my question. Just wondering, are women the most fertile right after puberty? Aldo, do they see no increase in fertility during the rest of their life, or does their ...
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What are the best ways to increase fertility?

We are newly married couple. What Food habits we need to take care of and what are the best workout tips for us? If we need to do physical activity - which one is more effective YOGA or Gym Workouts ...
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Does a hot bath effect fertility in men?

I was taught that a man's testes are outside his body because sperm can't handle inside-body temperature. I was thinking there are other times where a man's testes heat up. Like in a bath or spa or ...
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