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Is it normal to have high cholesterol after pregnancy?

Does breastfeeding moms tend to have higher cholesterol levels after pregnancy?
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What are the benefits of estrogen in women?

I've commonly heard that symmetrical to testosterone benefits in men (What are the benefits of high testosterone in men?), estrogen contributes health benefits to women. What are they?
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Does research show that Metformin alleviates/mitigates Adult Acne in PCOS women?

I'm an adult woman in her 30's, who suffers from Poly-Cystic-Ovarian-Syndrome (PCOS). My doctor has proscribed me Metformin to treat/manage my PCOS. Since PCOS can be one of the several causes for ...
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Rejected from my pap smear appointment, 3 months early from annual checkup for HPV

Today I arrived at the obgyn office, disrobed and then was told to wait 3 months before doing my next pap smear (done last October). Basically, I was rejected from my pap smear appointment. From my ...
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