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Why is cirrhosis not more common due to sugar consumption?

I saw a 55 year old celebrity died from Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis happens after Steatosis. According to StatPearls: Daily consumption of 30 to 50 gram of alcohol for over five years can cause alcoholic ...
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Differences in evolution and comorbidities between NAFLD-PCOS and NAFLD in general?

Research showed that women, diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), have an increased risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). After an extensive literature search, there ...
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About diet for fatty liver, fruits, Fructose [closed]

If one checks the media, there are lots of things who advertise the usage of fruits and etc for cleaning the liver. However, as I searched more, some say the fructose inside many fructose can be a ...
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Does some ingredient in coffee actually help the liver break down fibrosis?

I've been reading about liver health for years and came across many webpages (Here is only one) that coffee can protect your liver against liver cirrhosis. My understanding of cirrhosis is that it's ...
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Can trauma to a liver with mild fat accumulation result in death?

Autopsy report of a person showed mild accumulation of fat in liver. Q1. Is mild accumulation of fat in liver common? There was evidence of trauma to upper abdominal cavity. Q2. Can mild trauma to ...
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Diet/guidelines for fatty liver condition

I'm looking for anything that has some reasoning/science behind it.
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