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minimum healthy ratio on a nutrition label: Unsaturated/Saturated fat? [closed]

This is not a question about overall or daily nutrition intakes (ex: not asking percentage of daily fat or calories). Instead, I'm asking about assessing an individual nutrition label: To help decide ...
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Is fat burned even at caloric maintanance?

I have searched up that it looks like for the bodies daily needs of energy it uses a combination of energy sources even stored body fat (Substrate utilization at Rest). But these sites are complicated ...
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Unsaturated fat and inflammation

I am confused that while researching about unsaturated fat, some sources say it is anti-inflammatory, while some sources say it is associated with inflammation. Does it still have mixed results or am ...
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What is the mechanism of action of tamoxifen and other SERMs on Gynecomastia?

I understand that several scientific articles show that tamoxifen and other SERMS such as clomifene and raloxifen are effective in reducing gynecomastia for humans in different age groups and ...
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Linkage between Fatty Acid Metabolism and Ketone body metabolism

I am studying biochemistry right now and I am having a little trouble as to understanding ketone body metabolism. I have understood the steps and all but just cannot seem to link it with Fatty Acid ...
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Saturated and unsaturated fats, same compound in blood/cells?

I'm trying to self-studying a bit of biochemistry. When carbs enter the blood, it seems to have understood that they enter with the same chemical compounds, called glucose. I'm wondering if ...
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Where can I find information about foods fatty acids?

Question I want to be able to search for foods by specific fatty acids. My specific use case is finding foods with short- and medium-chain fatty acids but not long-chain fatty acids. Are there any ...
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Nutrition Facts and Fatty acides

Iam living in France, and I am having a difficulty understanding the label of nutrition facts. The following are two labels of two different products: My problem is that I am unable to determine ...
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Ketogenic Diet: Fatty Acid Ratios

A Ketogenic Diet consists of around 200g of fat every day. We know Omega6 to Omega3 ratio should be between 4:1 and 1:1 and the Omega3's should not be taken in excess. So that leaves us with at least ...
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What are the physiologic indicators of keto-adaptation as it becomes our primary metabolism?

I understand that insulin prevents ketosis and glucagon prompts it. Aside from these antagonistic, pancreatic hormones, ketosis and keto-adaptation seems to emerge and establish itself through other ...
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