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2 answers

How is a beard dirtier than a toilet?

Is it true that beard is more dirtier than toilet? Does someone has any specific answer? I read it in a website (, but I am not ...
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Do bearded faces age slower?

Recent research indicates that UV exposure may be responsible for around 80% of facial skin aging symptoms. The more unprotected exposure from the sun, the more the skin ages. Does the evidence show ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to never grow a full beard

I'm almost 30 now and have never been able to grow a full beard. It's not a thick beard either and quite patchy in places especially around my cheeks and jawline. My brothers have been able to ...
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Laser treatment & beard

Will my beard grow if I do a laser treatment for acne scar ? If no, which solutions should I consider if I want to have a beard and no acne scar?
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2 answers

Does shaving causes the hair to grow faster?

I'm 16 years old and I was always told that I should shave my beard, that it will cause it to grow faster. Is this true and is there any scientific evidence proving its true? Does it have any side-...
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0 answers

Why my mustache edges becomes poke after shaving my beard?

I shave my beard with the help of body soap (I wont use shaving cream) & I won't shave my mustache, but the left & right side of mustache becomes very pointy after I finish shaving. So I ...
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How to fight beard loss without cortisol injections? [closed]

I guess losing beard area as a little blocks is a really bad situation. I asked this issue to a dermatology doctor, she said "Run away from stress". Running away from stress is definitely impossible ...
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