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What would be visual acuity of a person if he can can read all letters of 20/25 and most of 20/20 on Snellen chart?

Suppose this is the Snellen chart: And you measure your normal visual acuity using correct rules (i.e., placing it at 6 meters distance, in observation of an examiner in hospital. And suppose you can ...
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Why do optometrists recommend dilation when the power of a lens can be measured even by a ruler?

I don't understand why optometrists dilate your eyes, which is a very annoying thing, when eye power can be measured by just a ruler at your home as suggested by this, which just uses a 100/(distance ...
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5 votes
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Why are there different perscriptions for glasses and contacts? Help me see eye to eye on this

Why can't a prescription for glasses be used for contacts also? Isn't the eyesight still the same? At first, I cynically thought it was just another way for my optometrist to make money -- so he had ...
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Eye Chart Lighting for Consistency?

If the goal is consistent test results and controlling for distance is a given, then would a backlight in a dark/darkened room guarantee the most consistent results? Is there any other way to control ...
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Do eye doctors check for tunnel vision?

Whenever I go in for an eye exam, I am subjected to Snellen charts (where the letters only appear in the center of my field of vision), air puffs against my eyes, and a bright light shined into my ...
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