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How does the rare cancer mucinous carcinoma respond to radiotherapy?

Mucinous carcinoma is a rare type of cancer. It starts in the main cells of mucus, called mucin. Although this type of cancer can develop anywhere, it’s most common in your breast. [ Cleveland Clinic]...
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Is it true that surgery for cancer can cause the cancer to spread? [closed]

This article says: You may have heard that surgery for cancer can cause the cancer to spread. It's very rare for surgery to cause cancer to spread. Advances in equipment used during ...
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How much do certain probiotics reduce cavity causing bacteria?

In the paper titled Effect of Short-term Consumption of Amul Probiotic Yogurt Containing Lactobacillus acidophilus La5 and Bifidobacterium Lactis Bb12 on Salivary Streptococcus mutans Count in High ...
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Do common colds transmit poorly through mouth-to-mouth kisses?

The Guardian (in 2017) chose to highlight this study In 1984, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to investigate one of the best-known ways of catching a cold. They infected ...
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Can side effects on test drug be not fully disclosed and still ethical?

Say a doctor invites a patient to test a new drug, because there is currently no effective drug to cure the illness. The patient says "I trust that what you are doing is best for my benefit. I'll take ...
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Pancreatic mass biopsy results

What's the different between a pancreatic mass and pancreatic cancer? If the results of a pancreatic biopsy had following result: Macroscopy: The specimen received in formalin labeled as ...
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What are the effects of storing drinking water in a copper container?

I recently learned that Ayurveda recommends storing drinking water in copper containers for positive health benefits. Upon my simple experimentation, I've noticed the following effects: Water Type :...
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