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How do epileptic seizures start? [closed]

The basics of epileptic seizures are pretty well known. Strong, uncoordinated neural activity spreads throughout the brain, causing symptoms like confusion, hallucinations, headache, involuntary ...
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What is aminorachia?

From Folinic acid responsive seizures: a new syndrome? (1995): This infant girl seized within 6h of birth. Seizures were ameliorated with high-dose multiple anticonvulsant therapy. CT scan, urine ...
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Are transorbital lobotomies still considered ethical these days?

Psychosurgery has a controversial history and despite modifications still raises serious questions about benefit, risks, and the adequacy with which consent is obtained. Its continued use is defended ...
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How to assist an epilepsy sufferer in convulsion?

I look after vulnerable people as a Security Warden supervising Homeless Hostels at night. We sometimes have persons prone to epileptic seizure. My First Aid course just told me to clear the area ...
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Nootropics for epileptics

Hello guys! I'm epileptic and last months I have some problems with my attention and my memory. Another problem is, I'm from Russia and we don't have here good pills or really qualified doctors and ...
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Can people who are epileptic be more sensitive to heat exhaustion/heat stroke?

Epilepsy is a condition that seems to encompass many possible things: A neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, ...
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Is possible that pain will start epileptic seizure?

In August of 2015, I have experience with something new, related to neurology and probably also cardiology. I described it in Neurosciences community on G+ (where you can read all text, together with ...
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