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Is it safe to drink Monster Energy (or any energy drink) after paracetamol? [closed]

I took two tablets about an hour ago and now would like to drink an energy drink to give me a boost. I've been told this is potentially unsafe. Is there any dangers to this?
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How energizing/effective are Turmeric supplements? They are often advertised on energy drinks

I've been studying for exams lately, and as much as I hate to admit (because I know how bad energy drinks are for people), I've been consuming some energy drinks, and I've noticed that quite a lot of ...
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Monster Energy - SugarFree - vs coffee

I am wondering how Monster Energy Zero Ultra (or any of the sugar free) monster's compare with generic coffee. When I was in Highschool, I was working 50+ hours, attending high school, and working ...
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What is in energy drinks?

What (in layman's terms) is in the following drinks: Red Bull Monster Rock Star 5 Hour Energy Mountain Dew Kickstarter Is there any coffee or tea in the above drinks. (I don't drink coffee or tea)
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