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Why losing apetite is always a criteria when stomach pain happens

Why when a patient feels a pain in his stomach, doctors always ask him if he's losing apetite ? What does losing apetite conduct to as diagnosis ?
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How many days must a CPAP be stopped before a sleep endoscopy?

I understand that, for a sleep endoscopy done in a patient who has sleep apnea for a few (three) years, the use of CPAP must be stopped before the endoscopy, as CPAP has à residual effect for some ...
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Endoscopy/colonoscopy done by a non-gastroenterologist

Are there any good reasons to want to have a (precautionary) endoscopy/colonoscopy examination - with associated diagnoses and interpretation - done by a gastro-enterologist, as opposed to a surgeon, ...
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Where to Download Brain Anatomy 3D Model?

I am doing a virtual reality simulation for endoscopic brain surgery. I need a medically accurate 3D model of a human head. It has to include all the veins, skull, muscles, nerves and brain anatomy. ...
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