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Modern explanation of the Burkitt's lymphoma geography [closed]

In Dr. Arnold Levine "Viruses", a book published in 1991, it's noted that while association between Burkitt's lymphoma and the Epstein-Barr virus is established, the correlation between the ...
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Travelling to country with endemic measels - Do I need MMR shot renewed?

I was born in 1993, received my first MMR vaccine in 1994 and the booster in 1997. I'm about to travel to a country where vaccination rates are lower, and as a result, measels outbreaks still happen ...
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What is the status of Ebola these days? Is it a pandemic or endemic?

I know that the Zika Virus is still prominently featured in the headlines, and rightfully so, as well as a Polio-like disease in Washington, but has Ebola reached a pandemic? Or is it just an endemic ...
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