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What are the psychological effects for Munchausen by Proxy (MSBP) victims? Stockholm-Syndrome?

I was listening to the hit true-crime podcast, "My Favorite Murder," (don't judge it by it's name until you listen to it -- it's not what you think), and one of the cases they discussed was about ...
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Why does sexual abuse have a different mental effect than physical abuse? [closed]

I was wondering why sexual abuse may be different than physical abuse in our culture? Is it because there is a real physiological difference in the brain, or could it be from the way society taught ...
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How common is Stockholm-Syndrome and/or Codependency Issues in Battered-Wife(Person)-Syndrome and/or other abusive relationships?

This is an extremely sensitive topic so I apologize from the get-go if this is offensive in any way -- I am not meaning to. I am aware that there are a myriad of reasons as to why an individual that ...
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Effect of mother's emotional state on baby

Can a pregnant woman's emotional state affect her baby? Can it do so to such an extent that when the baby grows up it suffers from psychological problems?
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