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Questions tagged [emergency]

Questions regarding emergency medical care and treatment.

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What is a semi-hollow organ?

This question was taken from an NREMT (EMT certification) test I took and will have to re-take, so the context is emergency medicine/first response. It asked me to list some semi-hollow organs. This ...
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UK Accident and Emergency Roles

I need some help with a novel I'm writing. My character is a highly-experienced surgeon, working on a UK Accident and Emergency ward, who also trains those coming up through the ranks. In a USA ER, ...
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How highly trained are paramedics in Hong Kong?

Relating to the paramedics within the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.
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Conceptual differences between urgent, emergency, planned, unplanned, elective and acute care

I have a bunch of health care terms between which I would like to disambiguate the relationships. A concept map or diagram would be really appreciated since I think better that way. Terms are: ...
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Tips on identifying CVA patients

In my work, not once i encounter old people with deterioration and i am having hard time deciding if does symptoms may be related to CVA or not and if a neurologist should be called. I will explain ...
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Why is there a difference between venous bicarbonate and bicarbonate in ABG?

Lets say a serum blood test shows bicarbonate of 20mmol/l but an ABG of 15mmol/l, both tests taken 3 minutes apart in a person with acute metabolic acidosis with compensation. Can anyone explain why ...
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Correct english term for an urgent referral

I am translating a Swedish text, and I am having problems translating the term "akutremiss" to British English. The term is commonly used in Swedish healthcare. It is basically a referral, of any type,...
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Average Number of Sutures per E.R. visit

I'm trying to gather data for a bioengineering project, but I'm finding difficulty locating the statistic of the average number of sutures per visit, for E.R.'s. Does anyone know how to find this data?...
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Where to find a medical alert system without monthly payment?

I have been using alert1 for awhile, but recently my liabilities increase as my daughter suddenly got divorce. I am not sure how long will this last, but I plan to replace my mom's medical alert to ...
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If people can create an accelerated medical program that can be completed in just three years, what textbooks should they select in the curriculum?

Imagine a third-world country with a lack of doctors. They should start to treat patients as soon as possible even if they did not take full courses in biochemistry, histology, anatomy, biostatistics, ...
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Complete torso/lung impalement, object still present - Do I have it right?

I hope this is the right Exchange. For background, I do have official military combat trauma training and official civilian first aid training but the particulars of Scenario 3 below have me wondering ...
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