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UK Accident and Emergency Roles

I need some help with a novel I'm writing. My character is a highly-experienced surgeon, working on a UK Accident and Emergency ward, who also trains those coming up through the ranks. In a USA ER, ...
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What's the quickest and most effective way of removing food from the windpipe in an emergency room setting?

The Heimlich maneuver is well-known as a way of ejecting food and other obstructions from the windpipe, yet it is not always effective. If someone began choking on food in the best possible ...
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Is there any truth behind violent & risky (suicidal) behavior occurring with lunar cycles, i.e. full moons? Why (if actually true)?

Rumors have been perpetuated that emergency rooms and jail cells are full during full moons due to increase in risky and violent behaviors. Is this just an urban legend or is there any merit of truth ...