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Potassium chloride for electrolyte replenishment instead of monopotassium phosphate

Is there a reason that potassium chloride is not a good source of potassium to use for electrolyte replenishment (Gatorade has monopotassium phosphate for example and Liquid IV has dipotassium ...
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Coherent explanation of kalemia's effect on membrane potential

I've been looking for a good explanation of how plasmatic kalemia affects resting membrane potential, but I think I need some help. The intracellular side of the membrane is negatively charged, so ...
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How does calcium affect magnesium absorption?

I was recently reading up on hypomagnesemia and found that hypoparathyroidism could be the cause of this imbalance. The book I was reading (Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests) explained ...
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Difference between Salt Tablets and Table Salt

Where can I find official documentation on difference between Salt Tablets and Table Salt. Several people online mention that Table Salt is just sodium and less of other minerals whereas Salt Tablets ...
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Can too much potassium from sports drinks be dangerous/lethal?

I have always been aware that sports drinks help you replace potassium lost from exercise. But I also know that too much potassium in your bloodstream is not a good thing and bad for your heart. So ...
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Recommended foods for before surgery? [closed]

For an appendisectomy, what foods would be best to eat pre-op? What foods should be avoided or could make the surgery more difficult? Although there is no appetite and the only thing eaten in the past ...
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Limit of daily liquids - higher with electrolyte supplement?

I have been advised to consistently drink 100 (one hundred) oz of water/water-based liquids every day. I've done pretty well at keeping to that, but now that I have a cold, I'd like to drink more. On ...
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Why does hemodialysis need to done for so many hours?

Does hemodialysis take so many hours because the dialyser is inefficient (in other words, every time blood passes through the dialyser only a small fraction of the waste is removed) or because there ...
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