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Is regular nightly usage of earplugs healthy?

Should one avoid daily usage of earplugs? SteadyHealth writes: Regardless, wearing these earplugs in the long run may prove to have certain health risks as well. The long-term earplugs may lead to ...
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Possible harms of white noise [closed]

I am having problems sleeping because of loud neighbours. There isn't a diplomatic way to solve this. So I went looking for ways to make sleeping easier with noise, and I came across this answer in ...
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Should I use headphones when I have hearing loss?

I googled this query but all I got was that loud music on headphones causes hearing loss.Now I use headphones sometimes and I had hearing impairment from when I was a kid.Should I altogether stop ...
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In-ear earphone to sleep [closed]

I live in an apartment where sometimes neighbors make noise at bedtime. I have trouble sleeping, any noise, if it isn't a constant noise, bothers me. So, I started listening to music before bed and it ...
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Health effects of wearing ear plugs at night, ear phones during the day

I've just realised I wear ear plugs whilst im asleep (~8 hours) and then go to work and wear ear phones all day (~8->12 hours) which means there are only about 4->8 hours a day I don't have something ...
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