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Meatus acusticus externus

I have a question referring to the external auditory canal. Is the convex bending of the auditory canal usually strong enough, that any object (like a water jet or something) can not directly hit the ...
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What is the effect of sound frequency on hearing?

We all know that humans can tolerate lower frequencies at high volumes better than higher frequencies. In fact, for particularly low frequencies, high SPL is needed just for it to be audible. What’s ...
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Can flying while an eardrum perforation due to barotrauma is healing cause further damage?

I was recently (around 6 weeks ago) on a short return flight from France. During the descent, my left eardrum ruptured when the cabin pressure equalised (which was noticed by a nurse directly ...
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Why Do Ears Ache After Using Earmuffs [closed]

After wearing earmuffs for noise protection, it seems like my ears will ache for five minutes or so. It seems to be coming from the eardrum, but it's hard for me to really pinpoint this. When I wear ...
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