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Questions tagged [ear]

Questions pertaining to the organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates.

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Tuning fork examination - Bing's test

In Russian medical segment the concept of Bing's test is formulated in such manner ("Otolaryngology: A Manual in Two Volumes", ISBN: 978-5-388-00664-6): There are two pathways in conduction ...
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Do the frequencies inherent in tinnitus have any side effects?

I've heard that certain frequencies naturally have some autonomic effects in some people. I've also heard that tinnitus sometimes falls into that range. I can't really find much information on these ...
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What is the effect of sound frequency on hearing?

We all know that humans can tolerate lower frequencies at high volumes better than higher frequencies. In fact, for particularly low frequencies, high SPL is needed just for it to be audible. What’s ...
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Is skydiving from 4km dangerous for people who suffer from ear pain in planes?

Sometimes, specially if I have nasal congestion, because of a cold or hayfever, I have ear pain when landing. I also had problems with equalizing the one time I did scuba diving, last year. Some ...
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Can the brain get used to unbalanced hearing from treating unilateral hearing loss?

According to this imaginary example of unilateral hearing loss, if they treat just the weaker ear, it might create unbalanced hearing so that sounds heard by the treated ear are perceived as louder ...
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Possible Threats from prolonged white noise exposure

A white noise (eg. Normal Rain) has loudness around 65dB. Although for an adult, on a standard basis, there are max 8 hours recommended exposure for 85dB See chart. Still, can a prolonged stretch (10-...
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Will flying potentially damage my ears further?

Some Context... A couple years ago my friend shouted into my ear very loud at a concert (stupid move, but I guess he just wasn't thinking), and ever since, it has been prone to getting blocked and is ...
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Music/Sounds sound different after a night out

I'm wondering what's causing the following issue: After a night out to the club (where music is loud) and getting drunk with friends it seems the next day when I wake up that sounds that I know (for ...
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What can cause mild irritation in my outer ear besides swimming?

I just have really mild itchiness and I noticed it hurt when I tried to scratch my ear. It is nothing severe but I don't want it to become severe. I have not swum recently. I don't know if it matters ...
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