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Does nicotine dependence completely "reset" after consuming any amount of nicotine?

I've got a question regarding the behaviour of nicotine dependence in the brain. Suppose a heavy user of nicotine stops consuming it entirely. The first 72 hours are typically the hardest, with ...
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Are Pure Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol safer to vape then standard vape juice?

I noticed some vape stores offer Pure Vegetable Glycerine(C3H8O3) or Pure Propylene Glycol(C3H8O2). Is pure VG or PG (see also: YouTube) safer to vape than nicotine-less e-liquid? E-cigarettes are ...
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Does Nicotine cause Cancer?

It is believed by many that Nicotine causes cancer, and passively vaping may also cause cancer due to the nicotine content. My research into the idea whilst looking at questions such as Does '...
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What residues do Ecigarettes create?

I have a feeling that the glycol and glycerine in Ecigs mostly become glucose and water upon combustion, so that glucose is the main element in vape smoke and residue. What chemicals are most ...
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What are known health effects of smoking e-cigarettes

E-Cigarettes have been recommended by a fair share of physicians as a substitute for cigarettes because they are supposedly healthier. What is the scientific consensus on the health effects of e-...
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Does 'vaping' affect your lungs?

I feel as if the question to "vapes" is unclear whether or not if it is bad for your lungs. I have done plenty of research and have found people only talking about E-Cigarettes, leaving me in ...
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Is the IQOS heat-not-burn cigarette safe?

I am researching the topic of electronic cigarettes and have recognized that Philip Morris has recently introduced in some markets the IQOS heat-not-burn cigarettes. What is their safety profile in ...
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Are e-cigarettes any good if you have asthma?

I have ashtma. From my experience, smoking kills my lungs. After a few weeks, I simply have to stop, or otherwise I got such bad coughs that I have to puke sometimes. Though, my asthma is not there ...
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E-cigarette. Making liquid vs. buying liquid

I see more and more e-cigarette users around me making their own liquid instead of buying industrial products already assembled. They use exactly the same components (glycerin, propylene glycol, ...
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