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Why do many steroid dose packs have ramp up dose but no taper off?

I am just wondering why many steroid dose packs (such as a medrol dose pack) have patients slowly increasing the dose but don't taper off after the maximum dose is achieved. Would this not cause (at ...
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Does nicotine dependence completely "reset" after consuming any amount of nicotine?

I've got a question regarding the behaviour of nicotine dependence in the brain. Suppose a heavy user of nicotine stops consuming it entirely. The first 72 hours are typically the hardest, with ...
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Do quick-release drugs increase physiological dependence?

I'm aware that quick-release drugs are more addictive in that they have a stronger psychological habit-forming effect, but assuming that the dose is kept constant, what effect does using a quicker-...
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Why is methadone not prescribed with naloxone for opioid use disorder?

Two possible treatments for opioid use disorder are methadone or buprenorphine/naloxone (suboxone). According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness(
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Can you experience withdrawal from amphetamines?

I was recently told by a Doctor that you cannot experience withdrawal from stimulants like amphetamines. She said that if anyone says they are having withdrawal it is not true. Can someone experience ...
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Nicotine withdrawal’s effect on sleep rhythms?

Can nicotine withdrawal cause oversleeping? My understanding that nicotine decreases sleep duration.
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What a heroin addict takes when there's no heroin available, in order to avoid abstinence syndrome? [closed]

The heroin abstinence, like alcohol abstinence, is something painful and hard to pass through. Listen a history when Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love came in Brasil, in 1993, when they go down in street ...
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Is it true that alcohol is the only "drug" one can die from during a drug-withdrawal? What are the symptoms of the withdrawal?

Is it true that alcohol is the only "drug" one can die from during a drug-withdrawal? Someone recently told me they heard this from rehab, but it doesn't resonate as true... but then again, I'm not ...
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Is bottled green tea just as beneficial as loose leaf green tea from tea shops? [closed]

There's a tasty and cheap, cold bottle of green tea that I've been buying daily for 2.75 per bottle. Most grocery stores sell it. It is unsweetened, supposedly made from loose leaf tea and has ...
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Any drug in which the withdrawal is fatal and thus requires regular consumption (after the first dose)?

Is there any drug/medicine which once assumed forces you to take regular doses to avoid death? In example a light version of that should be insulin (Probably I'm mistaken, but I've read that taking ...
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Alprazolam (xanax) longterm effects?

Is Alprazolam harmful longterm. I've been taking this med 3x-0.25mg for a week. Quite frankly, many of my colleagues/students/friends consume it as well. I'm a little bit afraid since I've seen some ...
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Why would a junkie have a grand mal seizure during withdrawal?

On the television show Fear the Walking Dead, one of the main characters is a heroin addict. After a couple of days without heroin, he goes into intense withdrawal, and either has a grand mal seizure ...
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How long does it take for heroin withdrawal to begin?

If a heroin addict is unable to shoot up again, how soon after the most recent dose will serious withdrawal symptoms occur? Is it a matter of hours, or days?
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How do topical steroid withdrawal relate to adrenal insufficiency?

In the International Topical Steroid Awareness Network (ITSAN) website, there is a list of symptoms that relieve after you discontinuing topical steroid. I will list here some of them: Signs and ...
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Is using SAStid soap good for eczema skin?

I have eczema, and after knowing that I'm addicted to steroid drug, I decide to withdraw it and have many symptoms after discontinue using steroids, including flaking skin, irritated, infected, or ...
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