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Is prescription heroin (under Dr.'s supervision) in Canada, helping those addicted taper off of it?

Prescription heroin gets green light in Canada, and I was wondering if this is to help addicts slowly wean themselves off of it under the watchful eye of a Dr.? Is that the goal? If so, are there any ...
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3 answers

Treatment of addiction

Substance addiction e.g. heroin is treated by gradually decreasing doses of a less potent substance other than heroin (if I am correct). Is this rule can be applied to any other addiction e.g ...
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When do you stop Minocycline/Spirnolactone prior to start of Accutane?

I will be meeting with my Dermatologist to start on Accutane Sept. 16. She is on vacation now so I cannot contact her, but she mentioned that before I start Acutane that I need to stop taking my ...
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