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Why does Cinnarizine make a person drowsy?

Marketed in the U.K. as Stugeron, “Cinnarizine is used to treat problems affecting the inner ear and balance, such as dizziness and sickness (nausea). It is also helpful in preventing travel sickness.”...
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Why is it harder to get up when forced to wake up?

I only noticed this for quite a while now but never considered it much of a problem but I noted that when I'm forced awake (i.e. someone wakes me up) I feel significantly drowsier versus when I wake ...
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For how long drowsiness and intoxication last with Tramadol 50mg [closed]

My mother took Tramadol 50mg with two panadeines and had drowsiness and intoxication. How long can I expect that to last? Some web sites say 12-24 hours. Is that right?
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Can flatulence be a cause of sleeplessness?

Traditional knowledge about heath in my country is guided by Ayurveda and according to it sleeplessness can be a symptom of flatulence. I wonder if a connection between flatulence and sleeplessness ...
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Patients typically sedated during a colonoscopy?

I just had a colonoscopy and I believed they hooked me to an IV and injected a sedative of some sort, but it wasn't really effective as even though I was drowsy, I never went to sleep, and was fully ...
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Eating chewing gum after lunch everyday

I eat Doublemint chewing gum everyday after lunch. I eat it just to avoid drowsiness after lunch. I started this from the last week. I have some questions, Does chewing gum help in digesting food ? ...
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Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired before it kills you?

Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired and sleepy before it knocks you out and kills you, or does it immediately kill you? Can you notice its effects and be aware of them?
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