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What could cause the loss of dyspnea sensation in this historical account of drowning?

I'll start by invoking a century-old account of drowning from dr James Lowson. Many stories of people rescued from drowning follow a similar pattern. After what appeared to be ten or fifteen seconds, ...
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How long does it take to die from drowning?

Here is the text I'm having trouble with (from Foundations of Legal Research and Writing 5th Edition by Bast and Hawkins): To their horror, they saw two bodies in the deep end of the pool. They all ...
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why don't babies drown in the womb?

Babies while in the womb are surrounded by fluids, so they cannot breathe. Do they get oxygen through the mother's umbilical cord? Are we kind of amphibious before coming to the world?
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Is it possible for a healthy person to drown in their sleep without waking up?

In reading about the horrific Battle of Passchendaele during World War One, I came across an anecdotal account of a British officer sheltering in a shell hole in a rain storm. The narrator claims that ...
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