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Is forgetting certain spellings a sign of Alzheimer's?

1) Is forgetting certain spellings in English (easy ones, and remembering the tougher ones) and other things like daily chores etc., a sign for Alzheimer's? 2) Does Alzheimer's affect people under ...
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Visualization of a game that you just played [closed]

Do you see video of a game you just played before sleeping? It happens to me almost every time I play a XBOX / mobile / even a simple game for more than an hour or two. After I play a game, when I ...
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Are color-blind and blind individuals able to dream in color?

I know that individuals who have color-blindness or complete blindness, are not able to see as vast an array of colors as most. I do understand that they can distinguish shading (dark vs. light), but ...
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Is there a neurological or scientific explanation for déjà vu?

Is there a neurological or scientific explanation of déjà vu? Why do we experience it? Is it a suppressed-memory that we have forgotten about for whatever reason -- sort of like cryptomnesia? Or is ...
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Is it possible to induce sleepwalking?

I read that lucid dreaming is able to be instigated under the right conditions and motivations. Is the same true for sleepwalking, although it is more of a condition?
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