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3 answers

Can antacids cause ear crystals (which can cause dizzines)?

I checked into what ear crystals are made of, and it is Calcium Carbonate. I also checked the main ingredient of the antacid I frequently take for heartburn, and... it is Calcium Carbonate! My ...
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Any way to prevent lightheadedness when getting up?

Sometimes when I get up from lying down or sitting position I feel lightheaded. I can also get ringing in my ears and/or dizziness. It goes away on its own after about a minute. If I get up slowly it ...
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My mom is experiencing strong vertigo [closed]

My mom had 2 episodes of severe vertigo in the last 2 weeks. First one started one morning, and she had to lay in bed for 3-4 hours before it subsided, it kept spinning even when she's lying in bed ...
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Do drop attacks reoccur?

I'm doing some research on drop attacks, specifically for those causes mentioned on I would like to get an idea of the frequency for drop attacks ...
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What causes body temperature to rise drastically after being injured?

I recently changed companies and started using a train for transport. In that time, I've sprained my ankle twice because of all the dreaded stairs at the train stations. Each time this happened, my ...
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Why do I get dizzy when I expect an user interface to scroll while it's lagging?

I have a lot of programs running on my laptop. I got very used to scrolling things with my two fingers on a touchpad. The problem is when the programs start to lag and my eyes expect the scroll, but ...
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How to prevent sleepiness at study time? [closed]

I feel sleepiness all time, at the time of study. I try for many types of check up. After observing the test reports the doctors says, 'you are OK, there is no problem with you. I can't understand ...
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Postconcussion symptoms: how long? Are they reversible? Treatment options?

I had an accident 7 days ago and I have been suffering from short term memory loss for about a week now. I can't remember anything from the accident or the day before it. Also, I suffer from headaches ...
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Is multi-test II device the real deal for determining a person's allergies?

I have been experiencing chronic dizziness - most of the time, lightheadedness and seldomly with vertigo attacks since July 2015. I have already had my ear, eye, brain (mri), heart (2d echo, holter ...
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Is rest necessary, recommended, or unnecessary in a mild Ménière's episode?

During a full-blown Ménière's episode, the patient can basically do nothing, so the question does not even occur. But what about mild events in a patient with a Ménière's diagnosis? I am asking ...
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