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If hernias can’t heal on their own, why do mesh patches dissolve?

A hernia is a soft bulge that can be apparent on physical exam, caused by an organ having found its way to somewhere it shouldn’t be, usually through damage to a muscle lining that holds the organ in ...
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What is the benefit of effervescent tablets?

So you have these 'fizzing' tablets, that are to the best of my knowledge referred to as effervescent tablets. The wiki page provides some details, including that they are tablets which are designed ...
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How long after finishing meal will vitamins be well absorbed?

How long after finishing a meal will taking vitamin supplements work well (the vitamins will be absorbed in a sufficient amount) if the recommendation states that it should be taken with food?
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Is it safe to take Magnesium pills (dissolve in water) if you have Gastritis?

It seems that magnesium helps tremendously with anxiety. However, I do get a little pain in my stomach after drinking it. Is it safe for an inflamed stomach lining to drink magnesium supplements?
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