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Periodontal grade bleach for dental rinse?

Consensus has emerged in recent years about the benefits of a dental rinse made of diluted bleach (Annex of links below). Everything that I found online says that bleach is caustic to plastics. ...
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Affect of raw and diluted sodium on human

What is the affect of sodium on human if taken raw and if taken diluted . For example if I take 5g salt as raw and if I diluted the same with 1 liter water and consume will the effects on the body ...
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1 vote
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Is it safe to use extremely diluted H2O2 (< 0.1%) On eyes regularly?

According to this study: In 10 human volunteers, the threshold of detection for irritation was about 0.1% when hydrogen peroxide was administered as drops directly to the eye (McNally, 1990). ...
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Limit of daily liquids - higher with electrolyte supplement?

I have been advised to consistently drink 100 (one hundred) oz of water/water-based liquids every day. I've done pretty well at keeping to that, but now that I have a cold, I'd like to drink more. On ...
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Is drinking water during or after a meal better?

Is it better to drink water during or after a meal? Clearly, there are different opinions about this topic. In this Mayo Clinic article, it is mentioned that drinking water immediately after or ...
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