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Is fecal occult blood test (EZ Detect) effective if urine is in the toilet bowl?

The patient used an EZ Detect fecal occult blood test. The test was positive. She saw a tiny blue circle on the piece of paper indicating trace of blood in her stool. But, she indicated there was ...
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Does the number of teslas matter when evaluating a tendinopathy with an MRI scanner?

The number of teslas in MRI scanners vary between 0.2 and 7 teslas, and sometimes even up to 10.5 Teslas (Siemens MAGNETOM 10.5T) and 11.7 teslas (Siemens MAGNETOM 11.7T). Does the number of teslas ...
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How accurate is reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) to predict whether a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is infiltrative or superficial?

Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) is a noninvasive imaging technique that has been used to diagnose basal cell carcinoma (BCC). How accurate is RCM to predict whether a BCC is infiltrative or ...
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Looking for an ECG anomaly detection tool

In a few months I will be conducting a study where we take participents ECGs and try to measure stress levels from that using machine learning. I am also involved in pre-processing the data, meaning ...
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What are the differential diagnoses of increased ferritin?

What are the possible causes of increased ferritin in a 69 year old man who is otherwise normal and who is not anemic?
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How are the FPR and FNR estimated for a new diagnostic test?

Let's consider a case of a test for presence/absence of a viral infection. When we have certainty as to whether a specific individual is carrying the virus, it is easy to estimate the False Positive ...
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Meaning of colored ring around iris

There seem to be various conditions that affect the color of the outer edge of the iris, such as: Fleischer ring - Wikipedia Arcus senilis Kayser–Fleischer ring Limbal ring and I imagine there are ...
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Diagnose angina (chest pain) by taking Nitroglycerin

Since nitroglycerin relieves the symptoms of angina (chest tightness, heavy feeling), why not to diagnose angina with Nitroglycerin? If the pain goes away upon taking Nitroglycerin then you have ...
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Why is lactate dehydrogenase used to differentiate exudates from transudates?

When differentiate transudates and exudates, the ration between effusion LDH and serum LDH is used: They are termed exudates if ... the pleural fluid to serum ratio of LDH (LDHR) is > 0.6, and ...
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Elbow Ligament/Tendon Injury Diagnosis-Aid?

When a patient comes into the office with what seems like an injury to the ligaments/tendons around the elbow, what are the "exercises" that the physician uses in order to identify or pinpoint the ...
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Omics vs Classic Blood Sample

It seems to me that omics data offers much more information than a classic biochemical blood analysis does. Are there more features that can be known from a patient blood sample using omics data in ...
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Identifying an anatomical cause for an epicondylitis

One possible cause for an epicondylitis is anatomy (see the 4 references below, non-epicondylitis specific). How to identify whether anatomy is the cause of a lateral epicondylitis? Holston Valley ...
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Can the presence of Extended Spectrum β-Lactamases affects the action of AmpC beta-lactamases?

Double disk synergy test (DDST): This method uses the cephalosporin discs and clavulanic disc alone. The principle is applying the cephalosporin discs next to the clavulanic disc with a distance of ...
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Concurrent somatostatin-positive and -negative neuroendocrine tumors

Are there any known cases of concurrent neuroendocrine tumors where one of the tumors is somatostatin-positive, but the other one is somatostatin-negative (thus, only one of them would be diagnoseable ...
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