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How is pain measured?

Patients are often asked to rate their level of pain. Usually, I have found that these questions come without instructions as to what constitutes the maximum on this scale (maximum pain you can ...
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Does the number of teslas matter when evaluating a tendinopathy with an MRI scanner?

The number of teslas in MRI scanners vary between 0.2 and 7 teslas, and sometimes even up to 10.5 Teslas (Siemens MAGNETOM 10.5T) and 11.7 teslas (Siemens MAGNETOM 11.7T). Does the number of teslas ...
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Are H. Pylori infections the most common cause of both gastric and duodenal ulcers? Is the urea breath test a useful diagnostic for both kinds?

H. pylori infections are a frequent cause of peptic ulcers, and a positive result from a urea breath test indicating the likely presence of H. pilori may be followed by treatment that includes one or ...
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