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A neurologist or a psychiatrist or a psychologist, who is better suited to diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders?

There are a lot of neurodevelopmental conditions which are hidden-type and resembles mental conditions. These includes sensory processing disorders, prosopagnosia, developmental coordination disorder (...
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What does NKX2-5 do?

Where is the gene 'NKX2-5' located and what is its function? How is it relevant to developmental disorders?
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What evidence is there that not taking bipolar medications can damage your brain?

It is often stated serious metal illness if not treated can harm the brain development. What basis is there for this? Are there verifiable tests for such? Example for this: Usually, when we ...
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Does sleeping on one side affect cognitive development?

I have been sleeping mainly on my right side for as long as I can remember. I am wondering whether this could have had any effect on my cognitive development? I can image that gravity pulling down ...
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