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Do clear aligners really work? [closed]

My lower jaw is not perfectly aligned, especially the canine teeth(lower jaw) are a bit crumpled. I will turn 21 next month and opting for braces is not a viable choice for me. Someone, suggested me ...
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Dental Braces : Urgent Advise Needed [closed]

I got braces in January 2017. It is today 12 March 2017 that I got one of the braces detached from tooth (Lower tooth and Second Left tooth with respect to my reference frame). I talked to my ...
3 votes
0 answers

What is the latest position on 'repositioning splints' for treating TMJ within the medical community?

One of the most popular treatments recommended for TMJ is a removable or fixed splint. I have read that there are four different types of splint, one being a 'Repositioning splint.' This splint is ...
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2 answers

Could sleep apena outcomes be improved by adding sensors to measure the location and movement of the jaw?

"When you are a hammer", the proverb goes, "everything looks like a nail". To my knowledge current apnea testing involves a multitude of sensors that record the position of various parts of the body ...
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What is the failure rate of orthodontic treatments?

For orthodontic treatments such as braces, after completion of treatment, sometimes teeth return to their original position or some degree of misalignment. How frequently does this occur? How often ...
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I've always worn my clear nighttime retainers religiously. Can I get my permanent metal retainers taken out?

I have a permanent metal retainer glued to the back of my top teeth. I have a second one glued to the back of my bottom teeth. They were put on immediately after my braces were taken off. Here's an ...
14 votes
1 answer

Do adult braces have a medical need beyond cosmetics?

While middle/upper-class American parents often have their children get braces as teenagers, an adult getting braces out of his/her own volition could be viewed as a sign of vanity, much like plastic ...