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Is it possible to have an autoimmune disease and no C-reactive protein in blood serum?

Autoimmune diseases cause inflammation. C-reactive protein (CRP) should be elevated in a person with inflammation. Is it possible that a person with an autoimmune disease (e.g. autoimmune hemolytic ...
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High CRP levels

What happens if you consistently have high CRP levels from inflammation, but, even after multiple examinations in the hospital the underlying cause for the high CRP levels cannot be found? Does this ...
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1 answer

What does CRP decreased result means within 2 months [duplicate]

What does it means when you repeat all your blood test between 2 months and all the result are within range and exactly the same as previously, but a test called CRP decreased from 2 to 0.98. Does it ...
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What type of exercise is optimal for reducing proinflammatory cytokines?

What type of exercise (HIIT, weight lifting, aerobic) is optimal for reducing proinflammatory cytokines (like TNF-alpha) and increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines (like IL-10)? CRP levels drop with ...