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Why does a capped cracked tooth hurt when sugar hits it?

Assume a cracked tooth with a cubic zirconia crown. If something sweet touches this tooth/crown... YEOUCH! Pain shoots through the tooth and into the root. Why? A similar reaction occurs from cold or ...
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Is there a database with pictures of tooth shade determination procedures?

I'm starting to work with image processing trying to understand better tooth shade determination with VITA Classical A1-D4 scales. Is there any image DB with such images? I found a lot of medical and ...
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Can Charcoal Toothpaste/Powder Whiten a Slight Fracture-Line on a Tooth?

Seemingly overnight, this charcoal tooth-whitening technique has become a craze. I've read many "testimonials" and reviews that claim that it indeed whitens teeth, but I have also read articles ...
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Is there any other alternative treatment in his case?

My 14-year-old son while playing soccer fell down and lost one of his teeth. His friends rushed him to a nearby emergency dental care in Toronto. His dentist told him that if the knocked out tooth ...
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How dangerous are cracked teeth?

Common accidents can lead to tooth injuries. A tooth that has fallen out obviously needs a dentist, but cracked teeth are on a line between important and ignorable. How does this type of injury affect ...
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What are the implications of extracting a canine tooth without an immediate implant?

I have a canine that hurts even after a root canal; the evidence points towards a crack in the tooth. It looks like I'll need it extracted, but I'm not sure I can afford getting an immediate implant. ...
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How to deal with oral habit?

I often eat some snacks when I'm at PC, usually chips or something unhealthy. I've recently decided to change this a bit to some healthier alternative. Sunflower seeds are great, because some 80g bag ...
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